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    Well decorated & aesthetically designed rooms Considering Most Prominent Comforts.

  • Hotels pritysangam Ganpatipule

    Sea View Couple Room

    Every Room of hotel has fabulous Sea Views.

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  • We Provide Luxurious Rooms with All Modern Amenities at Very Moderate Rates. | Special Discounts for Schools Trips and Group Booking. | One Of luxurious Hotel In Ganpatipule.

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    Hotel PritySangam Has One Of the Best Rooms In Ganpatipule

    About Ganpatipule

    Ganapatipule is a small village, serene, sedate and unspoiled. The beach here is still as natural and pristine as ever. And traveling by roads is an experience by itself. The vast "Konkan" stretch abounds with scenic greenery. There are narrow mud-roads, the earth is red and the roofed houses with clean courtyards add a quaint touch to the panorama. The local vegetation includes fruit bearing trees like mango, betelnut, banana, jackfruit, coconut, etc. The entire western coast is covered with these trees. The locals are as warm and cheerful as their surroundings. Ever ready to chat with the visitors and make them feel at home.

    These god-fearing local devotees take a "Pradakshina" around the hill where the temple is located, not just around the temple (Pradakshina is a form of showing obeisance wherein the devotee walks in a circle around the idol of the lord or around the temple, the house of the lord), As for the tourists, they can go walking simple to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

    Hotel Prity Sangam is Located 1km Near the temple at the main entry road of the town. it has 15 well decorated & aesthetically designed rooms Considering Most Prominent Comforts.Each & Every Room of hotel has fabulous Sea Views.